Ep. 08: Think You’re Not Enough? Here’s How to Stop!

Below are the show notes for this weeks podcast and I highly encourage you to listen to the full podcast. Our show started with a special appreciation and shout out for one of our listener’s! ISA Community Shout Out Della Rae: Radio Host, Lecturer, and Author. Della hosts the Be Well Radio Show on KBOO 90.7 (Portland). She also wrote … Read More

Ep. 7: 7 Everyday Opportunities to Change How We See The World

This week on The I Simply Am Podcast I talk about everyday normal opportunities in which we can gain some greater self awareness. Specifically, the starting place for which we see the world is programmed into us from an early age. Many of the “stories” we have in our minds about how the world works are so conditioned into our … Read More

Ep. 5: 7 Ways to Get Hours Back In Your Day

This week’s podcast  started off with a shout out to a Facebook Fan of the I Simply Am Page. I then shared a very personal and tragic story of a close friend of mine who died this past week. While it was difficult for me to share, my hope is through this podcast and blog that I’m able to help others … Read More