Ep. 12: 7 Ways to Care For The Most Important Person in Your Life

In this episode of The I Simply Am Podcast I answer a couple of Listener questions. In addition, I share 7 ways to care for the most important person in your life. As with all of the shows there’s another weekly challenge for you as well. Subscribe and listen to the podcast by Clicking Here! As with all the shows … Read More

Ep. 11: Reclaiming Our Dreams with Special Guest Terri Cole

I remember as a young child dreaming of becoming an actor. Even before school plays were an option (which I did many) I performed shows for my family and even my neighbors. I’d dress up as Michael Jackson in the early 80’s and go door to door putting on performances. If I wasn’t acting in a formal play I was … Read More

Ep. 10: What’s Better Than Happiness and How You Can Get it!

In this weeks 10th episode of the I Simply Am Podcast I answer listener questions from episode 9 on forgiveness and apologies. In addition, I talk about what’s better than happiness and how you can get it. Finally, I give you the weekly ISA Challenge that you can try on your own! Read below for all the show notes and … Read More

Ep. 09: The Truth Behind Forgiveness

In this episode of The I Simply Am Podcast I break forgiveness down into two parts and share with you the real truth about what it is and what it’s not. If someone has ever hurt you in anyway then you really should listen to this episode. Below are the show notes for the episode. ISA Community News: Within the … Read More