Ep. 19: 5 Ways to Get Out of The Funk

I normally produce my podcast on Friday’s as it allows me the weekend to get everything published and ready for a Monday release. However, the last two weeks I’ve not made the appropriate time for myself on Friday’s. That then left me feeling stressed and under pressure which then resulted in me putting out a late podcast. While I work … Read More

Ep. 18: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Into the Flow

I want to invite you to embrace that you are WHOLE. Yes, this does mean you’re going to have to give up the, “I’m broken” story you may be feeding yourself. I got this reminder myself just recently. If you’ve been listening to my podcast or following me online you know that I lost my mother to cancer on December … Read More

Ep. 17: How Inspiring Quotes Can Deflate You

Sure, reading inspiring quotes can be really uplifting. There are many times I seek out inspirational quotes and then other times when I just happen to be on Facebook and someone posts one. While the people who post these quotes have great intentions they aren’t always for everyone every time. Sometimes we’re just not in the mood to read something … Read More