5 Tips To Guarantee The Best Valentine’s Day…(even if you’re single)

Likely you fall into 3 camps when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You’re either in a relationship with someone and feel pressure to make it a great day, you are in a relationship with someone and don’t need February 14th to matter, or you’re single.

No matter which camp you fall into there is at the minimum, annoyance from the moment you wake up and at most a sea of stress trying to do everything just right! Of course, retail stores are pushing on the guilt to make sure that you get just the right thing for your Valentine.

For many of us the whole day is spent figuring out what to do for that special someone and whether or not they’re going to like what you get them or where you take them. Of course, we all know that none of that matters and yet every year it seems to be the same thing all over again.

No matter if you’re in a relationship or happen to be single this Valentine’s Day there is one person who’s likely getting left out and that person is you! With all your focus on that special someone or on the fact that you may not be with “the one” right now, you’re left in the dark. Perhaps Valentine’s Day can also be a celebration of the love you have for yourself?

Have you not given yourself permission to love yourself? Well, then maybe right now is the perfect time! There’s two distinct benefits of loving yourself this Valentine’s Day. First, you’ll make sure you’re not shortchanged and second, it doesn’t require you to have a significant other.

I happen to be in a relationship and have children and aside from showering them with love this Valentine’s Day I’m going to try something new. I’m also going to love myself! I do my best to do this everyday but honestly some days I’m just not that great at it. So here’s an invitation to myself and to you to love ourselves this Tuesday, February 14th. Will you join me? I promise if you do, it will be the best Valentine’s Day ever!


I have to admit that this is one area I definitely struggle with but what better day to get back into practice then on Valentine’s Day. How we start the day makes a big impact on whether or not we’re going to bring forth the energy, spirit, and drive we want. Waking up with a glass of water bedside makes it easy for replenishing fluids in you right away. But before you grab that glass perhaps now’s a good time to lay still with your eyes closed and practice some mindful breaths. Whatever your routine might be set one that includes some loving self care to start your day!


I loved the pages idea that came from Julia Cameron in her book, “The Artist’s Way”. While writing pages can be a great way to start your day so too can a beautiful letter of gratitude. But since today is Valentine’s Day let’s not focus on all the things “out there” that you’re grateful for. Instead write a letter to yourself appreciating all the wonderful qualities that are you! Even if it’s difficult or you wince at some of it, that’s okay. You don’t have to fully believe it for it to be true but starting with some loving appreciation about who you truly are is a very loving act.


There’s so much to be said for creativity. One of the special things about doing something creative is that we truly get lost in ourselves when we’re doing it. There’s so much love going on because in those moments we just allow and accept ourselves to be who we are. So find some way to be creative today. Whether you want to paint something, draw something or simply color a page in one of your kids coloring books. Give yourself 20 minutes to an hour to just go crazy creative. You won’t be disappointed! 


This is a hard one and it can take more than one day to get this one down. Yet, what better day to show up for yourself than today, right? So when someone asks you for a favor or for you to do something today don’t answer right away! Nope, take a deep breath and a pause to give you time to consider. If it doesn’t feel right to you or you think you’re going to have trouble committing due to your schedule (remember, you have to make time to be creative today!) then say, “No”.

On the other hand, if you truly want to help out and it’s appropriate (check in with your heart, you know what you want) then say, “Yes”. The most important part of saying, “Yes” is actually following through. So today, stay the committed person you are and follow through when you say, Yes!


This is a sweet and gentle way of loving yourself and definitely at the end of a loving day. So like your morning routine, get yourself set up for bed. Give yourself a good 20 minutes to relax into bed before you plan to actually fall asleep. This might mean getting ready to sleep earlier than normal.

Consider bringing a small glass of water with you, perhaps a book, and maybe even some essential oils. Take your time getting into bed and notice every little step in the process. Pay careful attention to pulling the sheets and blankets up and over you and be very gentle with every move you make. The idea is to create a soft and gentle landing for you as you end a day of self love and care and rest before you start your weekend!

I hope these 5 tips will help make your Valentine’s Day all that more special whether you’re sharing it with someone else or not. Self love should happen every day but if it’s something you’re still working on, like me, then why not start now!? I’d love to hear from you so in the comments of this post let me know what things you plan on doing this Valentine’s Day to practice some self love.