Ep. 27: The Most Important Factor For Success with Mike Hrostoski

This week we have a very special episode of The I Simply Am Podcast. It’s special for two reasons! First, we have a great topic and if living your best life is of any interest to you then you’re going to want to hear it! Second, and certainly not least I have an amazing conversation with my friend fellow Life … Read More

Ep. 26: What Every Perfectionist Needs To Know

Perfectionism affects us all. Whether there are certain areas of our life where we think we need to get it perfect or it’s our way of life. It’s a funny thing too because as much awe think deep down inside it’s no good for us in many ways we actually stand behind it as if we’re somehow better for it. … Read More

Ep. 25: A Very Simple Way to Deal With Stress

In this weeks podcast I share with you a simple process I found that really helped me relieve a lot of stress I was dealing with. I highly encourage you to subscribe to the podcast and listen to this weeks episode! Before I get into the topic for the week on the podcast I share some information about someone I … Read More

Ep. 24: Top 10 Must Have Tips For Making Up After An Argument

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, have a close friend, or have family members you’re bound to have had an argument at some point. Sure, some of us get into more arguments than others but the truth is it’s something we’ll all encounter at some point or another. Sometimes making up is nothing more than both parties ignoring what happened. … Read More

Ep. 23: How to Overcome Rejection Once and for All!

Last week I auditioned for TEDx. If you hadn’t read that post or listened to episode 22 of The I Simply Am Podcast I highly encourage you to do so. In fact you probably should now as this episode is kind of a spoiler alert! If you’re still reading I’m assuming you either read the last post or listened to … Read More

Ep. 22: 10 Reasons You Should Audition for TEDx (Brene Brown would like number 7!)

This past weekend I auditioned for TEDx Monterey. What is TEDx you ask? TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event. The annual conference began in 1990, in my current hometown of Monterey, California. TEDx was created … Read More

Ep. 21: How to Build Your Self Esteem With A Thank You!

If you’ve been following my blog or podcast for some time then you probably know how much I align with David Richo’s “5 A’s” (Acceptance, Allowance, Affection, Appreciation, Attention). In fact, it’s the basis of my first eBook and very much attuned to how I love my life. It’s important to note this because too often we are receiving the … Read More

Ep. 19: 5 Ways to Get Out of The Funk

I normally produce my podcast on Friday’s as it allows me the weekend to get everything published and ready for a Monday release. However, the last two weeks I’ve not made the appropriate time for myself on Friday’s. That then left me feeling stressed and under pressure which then resulted in me putting out a late podcast. While I work … Read More

Ep. 18: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Into the Flow

I want to invite you to embrace that you are WHOLE. Yes, this does mean you’re going to have to give up the, “I’m broken” story you may be feeding yourself. I got this reminder myself just recently. If you’ve been listening to my podcast or following me online you know that I lost my mother to cancer on December … Read More