The Mentoring


You’ve come so far in your life and you have a lot to be grateful for as well as a lot to be proud of. Life wasn’t just handed to you; you put in the effort and the hard work. You’ve had a lot on your shoulders and you were always expected to do it on your own.

While the outside world celebrates your success you long for that deeper connection to what it is you were put here to do. You know there’s more joy, adventure, spark, and connection waiting to be had. But beyond understanding why you were put here on earth, you’re looking for more.

Who am I?

Yes, we all have that question and for a long time you’ve felt like you had a grasp of this but patterns keep showing up in your life that you leave you questioning the very answers you held on to. You have a good awareness of those thoughts and feelings in your mind but you’re just not quite sure where they come from, why they seem so big and overwhelming sometimes. You’re able to get some space in that beautiful brain of yours but that space gets filled back up too quickly with more thoughts and more feelings.

What possibilities hold true for you if you had the support of someone championing the authentic you? What opportunities might present themselves if you were completely in alignment with the real you? How amazing would you feel if you lived a life full of intention and purpose?

These are just some of the questions you’re going to have answered and explored when working one on one with me. My private sessions are designed for your specific needs in mind. Most Coaches will show you how to stay focused on the road ahead, which is great. The problem is that there are core reasons in which you are still stuck looking in the rear-view mirror of life.

I’m going to hold your hand and walk you through exactly why the past is robbing your NOW. You’re going to learn exactly what stories are directing your life and how to create a new story that’s in alignment with your true self, on the path to purpose, for today and tomorrow. I’m not going to just motivate you and inspire you into action. You’re going to have real actionable and practical tools that you can use in your own life and you’re going to see massive changes quickly!

If you’re tired of living the life everyone else told you that you should be living, If comfortable isn’t working for you anymore, if you’re finally ready to accept that you are deserving of a life of adventure, joy, freedom, and happiness then it’s time we do this together.

Choose from one of the two options below and let’s get started!

Firestarter Session                                                                                                                                                           Inquire about price

The Firestarter Session is perfect for someone that has one area of focus that they want to kickstart in their life. You’re not spending too much time making decisions on what’s comfortable, convenient or safe. You’re constantly stepping out on the ledge of life and amazing things are showing up. Yet, there’s an area that you’d like some fine tuning on. This one time 45-minute session (plus one full week of email support) is perfect for you.

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The Mentoring Series                                                                                                                                                  Inquire about price 

The Mentoring Series is perfect for someone who’s tired of living a comfortable and safe life. You’re ready to take that step into the life you were destined to live knowing you finally have someone to champion you on all the way through. Joy, adventure, and freedom wait for you and you’re ready to declare, this is my time! In this private mentoring series you will get my full attention for four 45-minute monthly calls (plus email support) for 3 months.

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