Ep. 1: First Podcast and The Practice of Walking With Fear

Welcome to our very first podcast for I Simply Am! I’ve thought long and hard about adding a podcast to the blog. Podcasts are another great way to consume content. Blog posts are great but they require you to be in front of your computer or tablet/iphone with all of your attention on the article for a period of time. Since podcasts are audible you’ll be able to listen to a show on your phone or tablet device while you’re out jogging, driving, or even gardening! Before I move any further I want to explain what a podcast is for those of you who are unfamiliar. Everyone else skip ahead just a bit…

What is a Podcast?

Essentially it’s a digital media file that allows you to listen and/or watch content on your mp3 player, smartphone, iPod, or iPad. The key distinction, however, between a single audio or video file and a podcast is that you can subscribe to a podcast. What does this mean for you? Once a podcast is available (this one should be in the next week or two) in iTunes you can click on a subscribe link and automatically get every episode published.

So what’s in this first episode of The I Simply Am Podcast?

I go over an introduction to the show and let you know about some logistics of the show:

  • The shows are for those looking to answer the question, “Who am I?” and are designed to give you real life tools you can use to live the fullest expression of who you are!
  • The shows will be published once a week on Monday’s (on this blog and soon on iTunes).
  • A unique quality of the show is that I’ll leave you with an exercise or tool you can apply to your own life, every week!
  • The shows will run about 30 minutes in length (unless I’m doing an interview).
  • All show notes will be here on the blog.

Today’s Topic: The Practice of Walking With Fear

In this episode a share a story of a recent experience I had at a weekend Retreat in the California Mountains. I share with you a personal fear of mine and walk you through exactly what happened to me. It could involve being eaten by a wild Mountain Lion so you’ll have to listen to the show to find out!

This Week’s Exercise

Each week I’ll be giving you a step-by-step exercise that you can try on in your own life. Each one will be designed to not only challenge you but to help you make a tangible and positive difference in your life. It’s one thing to talk about love, self awareness, spirituality, and authentic living. It’s a completely different thing to learn new tools and use them so you can see real changes in your life. The following is a 4-step process to practice walking with fear. Listen to the podcast (above) for a more comprehensive overview and the background on these steps.

1. Acknowledge that you are feeling fear but Do Not judge the fear.

2. Accept the fear you are feeling.

3. Allow yourself to have a feeling (fear) and make a choice to respond based on something else.

4.  Grab the hand of your inner child and take the first step.

Once you listen to the show and try out this exercise I want to hear from you! Reach out to me on Facebook or leave a comment on the blog!

Join us next week when we release Episode 2: 3 Reasons Why Affirmations Don’t Work (tip: there’s a twist on this one!).

With Gratitude and Appreciation,