Ep. 14: Are You A People Pleaser?

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<strong>Are You A People Pleaser?</strong>

I spent the vast majority of my life trying to please others. Especially those that were close to me or that I really wanted attention. Half the time I would say, “yes” to someone when I really meant No, just to please them. Of course, it was never a real yes so I wound up never following through. This only left me looking like a flake and someone who couldn’t commit. The other half of the time I would find myself doing things I just didn’t want to do all in the name of pleasing others.

Of course, this is all too common and many of us find ourselves in this position throughout our life. Supporting others in a positive way, being kind, compassionate, and helpful are wonderful qualities. But how many times have you been compassion, kind, and supportive only to walk away feeling abused, discounted, neglected, taken for granted, and used?

I sat down with my friend Andrea Owen who is a Professional Life Coach and Author of the newly released book, “<a href=”http://www.amazon.com/52-Ways-Live-Kick-Ass-Life/dp/1440564779″ target=”_blank”>52 Ways To Live A Kick-Ass Life</a>”. Andrea and I spoke about the “People Pleasing Syndrome” – How we get it, Why we do it, and How to stop! Andrea shares her best practices and let’s us in on how she coaches her own clients.

You’re going to love Andrea as much as I do and we’re going to give you some great tips! Listen in to this weeks podcast as we share tips and tricks on how to show up for others and more importantly YOURSELF! We’re also honored to have Andrea share with you this weeks ISA Challenge and you don’t want to miss it!

<strong>Andrea’s Weekly Challenge:</strong>

Sometime this week you’re going to be asked to do something for someone. For this weeks challenge let’s leave employers out of the equation! We’re talking friends, partners, relatives, strangers, etc. Andrea wants you to pause before responding. If you can’t answer with a “Hell Yes” then it’s a No. Try this on this week and let us know in the comments of the show notes how it worked out! Remember, saying NO to someone else is saying YES to yourself!

Andrea is a wonderful resource and besides her book she has an awesome podcast, coaching services, and much more! You can check her out by visiting her site at <a href=”http://www.YourKickAssLife.com” target=”_blank”>www.YourKickAssLife.com</a>!

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