Ep. 18: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Into the Flow

I want to invite you to embrace that you are WHOLE. Yes, this does mean you’re going to have to give up the, “I’m broken” story you may be feeding yourself. I got this reminder myself just recently.

If you’ve been listening to my podcast or following me online you know that I lost my mother to cancer on December 17th of this last year. Obviously, I’m still grieving and I’m sure I will be for some time. I didn’t know what to expect but just allowed myself to be open to whatever it would look like. Of course, I could have responded in many different ways.

Had I convinced myself that I was now broken or some how less than, I could be in a really dark place. My mom and I had discussions about life, many in fact, and she did a great job of reminding herself that she was whole, even in those tough times.

Ever since my mom died I’ve cried every single day. In fact, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. Yet, for the most part my life is wonderful and I’ve had many more great days than I have had bad days. You might wonder how this could be if I’m crying every day. Well, I allow myself to cry as a means of grieving and of course healing from the pain of her loss. We need to FEEL to HEAL. Yet, the rest of the day I’m also allowing myself to feel all of my other feelings like happiness, joy, excitement, and peace.

I don’t need to be a slave to sad, angry, or depressed. Those are simply feelings just like all of the other ones. Just as happiness comes and goes so does sadness. If I choose to hold on to it I’m going to miss out on being available for everything else in life. So I just allow myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling in any given moment.

I get to acknowledge that I am whole and that I get to feel sad and all of my other feelings and still have a good day. I don’t need to live in an either/or world. I can live in an “AND” world. I get to feel sad AND have a great day! Yes, of course if I’m feeling sad all day long it will likely be hard to have a good day and that of course will happen throughout my life. The key here is that I don’t have to get stuck feeling sad all day long. I can choose to honor my feelings and not become them. If you feel sad you can still have a good day. On the other hand if you BECOME sad you’re likely going to have a really bad day!

So my invitation to you is to remind yourself that you are whole and that means allowing yourself to feel all your feelings in any given day AND still know you are enough, important, and lovable. You no longer have to live in an either/or world. It’s your choice.

In this episode, I share some personal stories about situations in which I come up against resistance. I’m not just talking about resistance to quitting my job and starting on my own. I’m talking about resistance to the everyday things in life. Living a self aware or self actualized life isn’t just about manifesting the dream job or dream spouse.

This is why we need to learn how to get out of our own way in the every day. We need when we find ourselves in resistance, getting in our own way, and how to get out and into the flow. Getting into the flow is about allowing ourselves to be fully who we are. Getting into the flow is about finding peace, tapping in to our pure potentiality, and exploring just how creative and flexible we are.

Listen to today’s podcast to see exactly what I’m talking about and then implement the 3 simple steps in our weekly challenge!

Weekly Challenge:

1. Pause and say hello to frustration
2. Relax your eyes, shoulders, and drop
3. Go for the ride