Ep. 19: 5 Ways to Get Out of The Funk

I normally produce my podcast on Friday’s as it allows me the weekend to get everything published and ready for a Monday release. However, the last two weeks I’ve not made the appropriate time for myself on Friday’s. That then left me feeling stressed and under pressure which then resulted in me putting out a late podcast. While I work well under pressure, it’s the getting to the actual work part that takes time!

Unfortunately, when I miss doing something that’s important to me, like creating the podcast, I often times find myself in a funk. Like anything else, the key to change is awareness. Here are 5 ways I know when I’m in a funk:

1. Surfing Facebook
2. Working on a project that’s not on my “to do” list
3. Eating when I’m not hungry
4. Lose motivation for other things like working out, doing other important tasks
5. feeling overwhelm

Sometimes it’s obvious when you’re feeling in a funk but other times it’s really easy to get stuck there for awhile before you notice it. That’s exactly why I thought it would be helpful to list these out. Do you find yourself in a funk when in these situations?

What do I do to get out of it…

Usually, I’ll get out of my funk sooner than later but instead of just waiting for it to run its course (which could be a day to a few days) I’d rather pro actively move through it. Otherwise, getting stuck in that funk will cause me to miss out on being productive and on appreciating myself and others around me. So here are 5 things I’m going to commit to doing more when I identify I’m stuck in a funk.

1. Go workout/walk
2. Call someone and tell them I’m in a funk
3. Refocus on my “to do” list
4. Stretch/Shake
5. Focus on one thing in the moment to move you forward

I originally wrote these things down as possibilities to solving this funk I was in. To be honest I really didn’t want to do them. However, I knew it wouldn’t be acceptable to give you advice on how to get out of a funk if I wasn’t even willing to do it myself! I also wanted to see if this would actually work. It would be completely irresponsible of me to suggest something to you that I didn’t truly believe would work. So I got my butt up and going and did each of these things!

The good news, is that this definitely worked for me! Did I spend the rest of the day “on top of the world”? No, of course not. What I did though was snap out of that funk I was in and get back the rest of my day! Who knows how much longer that would have lasted for but I needn’t worry about it anymore.

These 5 methods worked really well for me and I invite you to try them yourself! Of course, these aren’t the only ways to get out of a funky feeling and perhaps you even have suggestions of your own. If you’ve been in a funk and found a great way to get out of it then please leave me a message in the comments of this post!

Listener Questions

Ian on Twitter (@IanFreakshow) reached out to me with this following question.

Question: How can I overcome jealousy? It’s something I struggle with a lot in life and I wish I could let it go.

Listen (or on iTunes) to this weeks show to find out the answer plus much more!

Weekly Challenge:

1. Notice comparing yourself to someone else
2. Remind yourself you are enough, you do matter, you are intelligent, and creative
3. Acknowledge that just the act of comparison means you’re allowing yourself to go back into that small person you once thought you had to be. You are not that small person.
4. Choose a new response this time by appreciating that person for who they are and what they do knowing they are no better than or less than you.