Ep. 31: 3 Messages That Showed Up Just at The Right Time

If you’ve been following my weekly podcasts you might have noticed that I took a bit of an unplanned hiatus for the last 2 weeks. I say “unplanned” because I truly wanted and had intentions of podcasting but that just didn’t happen.

I wound up traveling for about 2 weeks, which I knew about, and fell into a little slump. Ever have those times when you’re chugging along and then “BUMP”, you get thrown off track? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me.

If I had to describe a visual it was like I was going along my well paved path and the hit a big bump in the road that threw me off. I was still on a path headed in the right direction, even a parallel path, but this path was a bumpy dirt road with a lot of dust. I could see “the path” I bounced off of but all the dust was clouding my vision and couldn’t find a quick way back.

If you’re not into visuals, let’s just say I fell into a little funk! In fact, I even went back and checked out episode 19 where I talked about 5 ways to get out of the funk! It definitely helped!

Although, some other things were going on for me and I decided to be patient and allowing. Mindfulness has this way of taking you on a ride that might not look all pretty and clean like the ride your ego wants to take you on. Well, just as I settled into my feelings and patience I came across 3 messages that really resonated for me.

I found these messages all within a day or two of each other and they really spoke to me. Whether or not you’re bouncing down your own dirt path I think you’ll find these just as helpful!

The first message came from a personal friend of mine, Kevin Smith. Kevin posted this on his Facebook page and gave me permission to use it here. Here’s what Kevin had to say:

“Some things take a long time to ripen.

Earlier this month, on my drive home from Los Angeles, following my trip to Iowa City, I stopped at a small farm stand on Highway 46 and bought two avocados. I would’ve bought more, but no one was around. Sales were on the honor system, and all I had was a couple twenty-dollar bills and a bunch of quarters. So I put eight quarters in a little metal slot and took home two avocados.

They were hard as stones. Weeks passed, and they did not soften. Each morning I would press, hopefully, on the shiny, still hard green skin, and wonder if these avocados had been picked prematurely.

You know where this is going. Oh, they were so good! Nearly a month after buying them, I enjoyed the kind of delicious avocado I never find in stores, with a wild, rich flavor and a densely satisfying texture–almost meaty.

I bring this up because it was a good reminder to me that some things take a long time–or what feels like a long time, but may be just the right amount of time–to ripen.”

Listen to this weeks podcast to hear all my take-a-ways but in short this is what I learned:

1. Nature happens on our time. It’s not our job to determine when it happens but rather to notice when it does.

2. Keep pushing even when it seems it’s just not working. Just past the point of defeat is where you’ll find the gold.

3. Expectations can be a wonderful thing. Yet there are times when it’s not reality that needs changing but our expectations of it that does.

Thank you Kevin for helping me see this! You can find more about Kevin at his blog, www.ckevinsmith.com

Shortly after reading Kevin’s post I came across another friend of mine, Jodi Chapman. Jodi writes about spirituality, self love, and mindfulness and I also encourage you to check her site out  or over on Facebook. So here’s what Jodi posted and what I took away.

“I’m remembering that I am human, that there are a finite amount of hours in the day, and that everything is happening in perfect timing. I’m no longer okay with pushing myself so hard and striving for perfection. Those days are in the past and need not make their way into the present. I’m wrapping myself in a loving embrace and am choosing to move through life with love and grace.” 

1. Beating myself up to meet my own self-conceived expectations isn’t working for me anymore.

2. Right now is the present and I don’t need to allow my past responses to life to make their way back in.

3. I often forget about grace and am acknowledging that I am grace and that self expression of grace will carry me through those challenging times.

To listen to my full response on Jodi’s update and what I’m really taking away listen to this weeks podcast.

Below is the last quote I want to share with you and it came from an Author I just learned about, Henri Nouwen.

Losing and Gaining Our Lives

“The great paradox of life is that those who lose their lives will gain them. This paradox becomes visible in very ordinary situations.
If we cling to our friends, we may lose them, but when we are non-possessive in our relationships, we will make many friends.
When fame is what we seek and desire, it often vanishes as soon as we acquire it, but when we have no need to be known, we might be remembered long after our deaths.
When we want to be in the center, we easily end up on the margins, but when we are free enough to be wherever we must be, we find ourselves often in the center.
Giving away our lives for others is the greatest of all human arts. This will gain us our lives.”

Here’s what I took away from this powerful message shared by Henri Nouwen:

1. Life isn’t about choosing one side and forgetting about the other, it’s about appreciating both.

2. Keep focus on our intention and allow whatever outcome to present itself. For focusing on the outcome is what ultimately kills our intentions and kills our dreams.

3. I want to act non-posssessive. I want to act without expectation of fame. I want to be free. I want to give away.

I hope these messages resonated for you, as they have for me. What quotes or messages have you read lately that have made a difference? Please let me know!