Ep. 37: How To Prevent Others From Getting On Your Nerves Once and For All


There are always going to be people in your life that are going to get on your nerves. Sometimes those people will be the closest to you and other times you won’t even know who they are. In either case, that feeling of annoyance is something we all try and avoid. Yet all too often we get caught up in the situation and ultimately it becomes exacerbated. Of course the easy thing to do is to avoid those people all together. Yet sometimes that’s just not an option.

There are times our partners irritate us, our family gets on our nerves or our best friends get on our nerves. We’re not just going to leave these people because they get on our nerves from time to time. The truth is we likely get on their nerves just as often. Of course, there are people whom we can choose to avoid all together and who are merely acquaintances at best or even strangers.

Whatever the case may be it doesn’t mean we have to let these people get on our nerves. Especially those people who are a more permanent fixture in our life. So what do we do?

In this episode of the I Simply Am Podcast I share with you 4 tricks I personally use to avoid getting caught up in the criticism and judgement of others. In the past, I would allow myself to get pissed-off and upset by those that pushed my buttons but now I have a choice. Listen to the podcast where I share with you in detail how to you can apply this real life tools to your life starting today!

  • Boundaries (I explain how this is different than putting up a wall)
  • A two-word response that works every time.
  • Why what others say about you has more to do with them.
  • How to deal with those feelings before they get stuck in your body

Would love to hear your thoughts and any tips you have when faced with others who criticize or judge you. Leave a comment below!

Big Hugs,