Ep. 41: Changing Perceptions and Getting Inspired



In this episode I announce big news about the Living Mindful Masterclass! I also answer two listener questions that came in over Facebook and email.

Jewell wrote me on Facebook and asked how to deal with situations where you and someone else have different perspectives about the same topic. Then I heard from Lina in Germany who reached out to ask how to overcome the discouraging feelings associated with the ever powerful “rich” not being supportive of the “poor”.


  • How to become aware of our perspectives and where they come from.
  • What your “starting place” has to do with they way you see things now.
  • One step towards having good boundaries.
  • How to overcome the feeling of discouragement in situations where you have little control.
  • How to get inspired to start making the world changes you are destined for.
  • An interesting place people listen to this show. You might (or may not) be surprised!

The 6-week online Living Mindful Masterclass begins in just one week and enrollment ends on January 23, 2015. With only 4 seats left I highly encourage you to sign up right now.