Ep. 49: The First Step To Overcoming Anxiety

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Self help and Mindfulness isn’t just for people experiencing life altering situations, although it can be. In this episode of The I Simply Am podcast I give you the first step to dealing with anxiety and overwhelm. Self love is a practice and a set of tools. Here’s a tool you can start using today!


      • Find out what got me feeling all anxious this morning
      • Learn how to overcome those big feelings of anxiety
      • Take that first step to living a life with anxiety
      • Here what’s happening in our next special episode


If you enjoy the podcasts and other messages I share then you’re really going to appreciate the 14 Day Self Love Project. For two weeks you will get a new “mini-assignment” shipped right to your inbox. Take 5 minutes a day for two weeks and find out what a difference the 14 Day Self Love Project can make in your life!