Our Days Can Get Messy…

Most of us are behind a computer screen or phone all day long. Whether we’re actually buried in work or avoiding it while we surf the waves of the interwebs.

In either case, we’re constantly stuck in the thoughts that sabotage our peace, our freedom, our sense of self-expression, and our ability to step out into the world as our greatest self!

The overwhelm of life is constant and rarely let’s up.

We know that committing to working with a Coach or Mentor for 6 months can make a huge difference. We know that signing up for that amazing workshop that all our friends are taking would help push that needle. We know that the week long Retreat in Bali would completely replenish our souls.

But our brains are too good at keeping us stuck. We find excuses for why we can’t come up with the money no matter how good of a value it is. We find excuses as to why we can’t find care for the kids for the weekend so we can escape to Bali. We’re expert excuse finders!

This is EXACTLY why I’m creating an EXCUSE-FREE Experience for you that will help you take your life to the next level! I already know what those gremlins in your head are going to say and that’s why I’m taking all the excuses out.

We don’t need to transform your entire life all at once. Nor can we realistically do that. What we can do is take little baby steps which will ensure you don’t fall into the overwhelm trap and make it so your Beautiful Brain doesn’t get in the way by making excuses.

There is a time and place for doing the deep work and for making massive shifts over the long haul. I work with many Executives and Coaches to help them take their life to the next level. But I don’t believe that’s the only way to see change in your life and that’s why I’ve created this experience just for you!

We’re going to make this SUPER EASY for that Beautiful Brain to say, “HELL YES”! So here are the deets…

Every Tuesday and Thursday I’m creating a an opportunity for us to get together to share very practical, significant, and powerful shifts in your life. We’re going to cover pertinent and relevant topics that fit right into your life. Best of all, you can do this from the comfort of your own home, car, office, or wherever you might be.

Here’s what your Experience will look like.

The entire Experience will only take 30 minutes. If you can’t find 30 minutes to support a major shift in your life then you definitely need this!

You’ll join up to 50 other people in this experience where I will share practical steps for taking your life to the next level

This is an audio-only Experience so you won’t need to fuss about video. Join in your PJ’s and no one will be the wiser!

Get actionable and practical life tools to add to your every expanding tool kit.

An opportunity to have your questions personally answered by me!

Access to a Private Facebook group where you can interact with other members of this Experience

You will get ALL OF THIS for only $10.00!!!

30 minutes of your time and $10 is all you need. You decide when and how often you are a part of the Experience. For only $10 you can sign up below for the topics and days of your choosing.

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