Ep. 47: Blame to Blameless: A Massive Shift in Your Life

Self help and Mindfulness isn’t just for people experiencing life altering situations, although it can be. In this episode of The I Simply Am podcast I share with you how damaging the blame game can be and what works in its place. These are powerful tools that you can use to make massive shifts in your life! WHAT YOU’LL FIND … Read More

Ep. 46: The Power of Intimacy with Mike Hrostoski

  In this episode I share with you a conversation I had with my friend Mike Hrostoski. Mike is a Men’s Coach for high performing men and helps them get past obstacles that are in their way of taking their lives to the next level. Mike and I sit down for a conversation about intimacy, community, connection, and his new program – www.TheSchoolForMen.com. … Read More