Ep. 11: Reclaiming Our Dreams with Special Guest Terri Cole

I remember as a young child dreaming of becoming an actor. Even before school plays were an option (which I did many) I performed shows for my family and even my neighbors. I’d dress up as Michael Jackson in the early 80’s and go door to door putting on performances. If I wasn’t acting in a formal play I was “acting” in the school classroom and in front of anyone who would put up with my characters.

Somewhere along the way I gave up on that dream and settled for the “fact” that I had to go to school and get a “real job”. Of course, I was never satisfied in my early adult life and kept longing for something more. But I was convinced that those early childhood dreams were just that…dreams.

I’m not alone and know that all of you had childhood dreams. What were some of the ones you had? While acting was my big dream, I had many more and all of which were replaced with “being practical” and believing I wasn’t enough. Can you relate?

Well in this episode I sit down for a one on one conversation with Terri Cole. Terri is a licensed Psychotherapist and Transformation Coach. She’s been helping thousands of people over the last two decades break through their fears and reach their goals.

Although Terri did the academic work, graduating with a Masters from NYU she also did the personal work of overcoming a really unhealthy lifestyle in the Entertainment Industry where caffeine, nicotine, and “looking good” were driving forces to making it in the world. Through lots of hard work, counseling, research, inner reflection, and study Terri transformed her life and I know she will help to transform yours.

Terri and I thought it would be fun to have a conversation about our dreams. Specifically, about how we all had dreams as little kids but somewhere along the way those dreams turned into doubt. As adults the dreams of our childhood lay buried underneath years of shame, abuse, and lies told by others. You’re going to hear how and why this happened and more importantly what you can do about it.

To listen to this weeks awesome conversation with Terri Cole and to find out how you can reclaim your dreams go to iTunes or listen here!

For those who listened to this weeks podcast and weren’t able to write down this weeks challenge here it is again. Remember, Terri personally invited you to take this challenge and call her on her Hay House Radio Show to let her know what you thought! If you call in on her show (Monday’s 12pm EST) be sure to let her know you heard her on The I Simply Am Podcast!

Weekly ISA Challenge: Reclaiming Your Dreams and Making Them a Reality

1. For 7 days straight (starting today) choose one thing every day that is in alignment with a dream you have given up.
2. The dream never left you which means this is your opportunity to reclaim it!
3. Every day build on the previous day’s challenge. For example, if you dreamed of being a singer but no longer sing start off on day 1 giving yourself permission to sing in the shower. Day 2 perhaps you might sing in the car with someone riding shotgun. By the end of the week you may just be singing karaoke in front of hundreds of others.
4. Keep it fun! The key is to do something (even small) every day for a week as long as it’s inline with that dream you still carry!

Check out Terri on her site at www.TerriCole.com and be sure to tune in to her Hay House Radio Show live on Monday’s at 12pm EST. I also strongly encourage you to liker her Facebook Page and follow her on Twitter!

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Terri Cole. Please let Terri and I know what you thought of this weeks challenge in the comments of the post! Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where I’ll be having more conversations with people that will inspire, transform, and help you answer the question, Who am I?