Ep. 38: How To Get The Attention You Deserve Mindfully (selfie not required)

When it comes to attention people typically fall into two camps:

The Deserving and Unhealthy:

These are people that think they are deserving of attention (hint: if you’re alive you are deserving of attention) but they were never really taught the healthy way of getting it. BTW, I totally fall into this camp and have struggled in this department most of my life.

These people don’t think they should be left out of a conversation or ignored. On the contrary, they often times wind up using passive aggressive measures to seek the attention they lack. This is where we get into the obsessive selfie composers. No, this doesn’t mean if you take selfie’s you have attention seeking issues. This varies from person to person but I will say this. It’s the exception-not the rule- that if someone compulsively posts selfies of themselves that they have zero issues around seeking and receiving healthy attention.

Of course this is just one example. I’ve even caught myself consuming a conversation without realizing it only to find out later I was lacking attention and when I finally received some I wanted to fill up as if I had an empty tank!

The Undeserving and Unhealthy:

These are people that don’t think they deserve any dosage of attention. They typically focus on everyone else and to the determinant of themselves. Unfortunately, these people that don’t think they need or deserve any attention normally feel left out, unwanted, unlovable and alone.

They are literally abandoning themselves by not allowing any attention (certainly not healthy attention) to come into their lives. It’s a vicious cycle and ultimately they can wind up losing out on the very relationships they seek the most.

And of course, there are people that have little issue as it relates to giving and receiving attention but they are few and far between. If that’s you then I still think you’re going to benefit from listening to this weeks podcast. Why? Because, I think you’re going to hear a different take than what you’re used to hearing. I also think it would be good to understand what most of your friends are facing as it relates to getting a healthy dose of attention.

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Why do I mention my ebook and Self Love? Because giving and receiving attention is one major way that we also give an receive love. If we’re not ensuring we are receiving healthy levels of attention then we are sabotaging a fundamental need we all have – to be loved.

So what’s the key to this whole attention thing? Well, you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get all the details but let me give you this one clue…getting healthy attention has more to do with giving it to ourselves than it does receiving it from others.

The good news is that there are tangible things you can do to change this aspect of your life. In doing so you will definitely be on the path to take your life and your relationships to the next level.

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With Gratitude + Appreciation – Oh, and BIG HUGS!