Ep. 44: The Ultimate Happiness Tool + 3 Ways To Use It


In this episode I talk about a new scientific study done on Emodiversity and why this is critical to understanding how to find fulfillment in your life. Science is backing what we’ve been sharing on I Simply Am with this study and in this episode I’m going to show you 3 ways you can apply it to your life!

I also share with you the 14 Day Self Love Project. This is a super inexpensive way for you to get 14 custom emails including daily exercises for you to start loving the most important person in your life! You!


  • What Emodiversity is and why it’s critical to your Happiness
  • Why only having Positive Thoughts and feelings are not the answer to your Happiness
  • 3 tools you can start using right away to bring more happiness into your life


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