Ep. 39: How To Have It All (using the power of “and”)


This weeks podcast starts off with me sharing about a brand new online course I’m putting together. Why is this significant?

Well, I’ve never launched an online program like this before and I just know it has the potential to launch your life to the next level.


Because I combine what I’ve been teaching all along in the areas of Mindfulness, Self-Love, and Self-Awareness. More importantly, I break down those complex principles into bite-sized chunks that you can digest and practice every single day. The 6-week online course will guide you through each module where it will build on top of the next.

You’ll team up with 11 other people (Yes, I’m limiting this course to 12 people) and get individual support from me as well throughout the program. If you want big change in your life but find yourself stuck in the same patterns time and time again then this course is for you.

I’m opening up a waitlist (it’s already filling up) for those interested in finding out more. If you get on the waitlist (no commitment necessary) you’ll not only be one of the first to get a shot of securing a seat in our January class but you’ll get in at a steep discount off the launch price.

All you need to do is enter your name and email at www.LivingMindfulMasterclass.com.

This weeks topic is a powerful one and came to me as I was looking back on the first year of my life without my mom. She passed away in December 2013 and so much has transpired. This powerful lesson was realized as I appreciated what the past year in grief was truly like.

However, you need not have someone close to you pass to garner the benefits of this Life Tool. Listen in to today’s podcast and see how you can apply this tool to your life right now!

Before you tune in, have a quick look at my Facebook post which jumpstarted this entire episode…

One year ago today I was sitting with my mom, my dad, and my sister. I looked into my mom’s eyes as she took her final breath and I told her she could go home. A lot has transpired in this past year. Lots of tears and also lots of joy. There’s a lesson I learned this year and it’s the lesson of trading a “but” for an “and”. It goes something like this…

My mom is no longer living AND she’s alive in my heart.
Sometimes I can’t believe she’s gone AND I know she’s right with me.
I feel deep sadness AND I laugh really hard.
My mother isn’t able to share her stories with me AND I’m still learning from her.
Sometimes life sucks AND it’s always going to be okay.
I get to mourn my mom AND not let depression take over.
I can’t hear her voice AND she’s always talking to me.
My kids will miss out on her amazingness AND they have so many great memories of it.
She’s not in my life anymore AND she will always be a part of it.

So many And’s in my life now. So many ways to appreciate the wholeness of the entire experience. I know it will continue to unravel and unfold and I will bare witness to it all.

One day I will join her AND I have an amazing life to live until I do.